I want to pose this question to you.

How credible is your business? You must be able to answer

that very positively. As a customer myself, when I want to buy a product or receive a service I go online. Even for a local Trini business? Yes I do.

You have to remember that customers like myself are tech savvy. So guess what ? We do research. And many of them like me love doing it. So we search for a website, we search on Instagram, we search on Facebook, just about anywhere we can find your online presence.

And if we cannot find you, we move on. Yes indeed we look elsewhere. Sad but true. So face the music. You have to be online even in Trinidad to build credibility.

However, let's flip it. If I can find your local business online in a very simple yet professional manner, then you've got my attention. And now for you that means your local business in Trinidad is going somewhere. Where is that ? You are leveling the playing field to compete with even businesses bigger than yours.

And that leads us to connect the words credibility and reputation. The more credible you are, you are building your reputation. People like myself will and actually pay more for services and products right here in Trinidad if your business has a higher rating and better reviews. Are you confused?

Don't be.

It's called reputation management. You maintain your reputation and even if your prices are higher, customers will willingly spend that extra cash for it. As an example, I pay $700 for a pedicure as opposed to $200. Why? Because I can go online and find the local business offering the service for $700. I see their full suite of services, watch the ambience I will receive and hear positive reviews about them. They have built a reputation for themselves. So I trust them. And I am never disappointed.

You need to know what customers are saying about your local Trini business. I know that you may be worried there are negative reviews. But think about it this way, if you don't know what they're saying you're powerless. But once you know you can improve and maximise the opportunity to do better.

In fact, Trinifinder promises to capture the reviews and ratings for you...all that is deliver to you. So let's stay safe, be online, and start building your credibility and reputation.

Customer Relationship Management

How important is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to you and your local business in Trinidad ? You may not assign it much value but believe it or not it is not something to be treated lightly.

It is longer the days when you are to be dependent on face to face interaction. That is long gone.

Keeping your customer engaged right here in Trinidad must take place before the sale, during the sale, and after the sale. And all of it to be performed, yes you guessed it, online.

So for the sake of this article, let's imagine you are a small local jewelry store. You don't have a website. We are in the midst of a global pandemic with increasing cases everyday in Trinidad. So no one is readily going to come to visit your store. But people still want to buy because there are still special celebrations to be create memories and share gifts like jewelry.

A customer's first impression is searching for you online. You can use the online platform of Trinifinder to people to find you, where you are located and contact information.

Then you have the opportunity to showcase your products. Customers can get to look at that diamond ring or silver necklace wherever they are. They are now in a better position to decide on a purchase.

And they will now feel inclined to visit your store in Chaguanas, Marabella, St. James or Arima. As the business owner you may even get excited to want to build a website to facilitate online sales and home delivery. No worries. Trinifinder will do that too for you.

And your satisfied customers are your best marketing tool. Their great reviews on Trinifinder will directly lead customers to you. Positive online interaction makes for happy customers.

So don't delay.

Trinifinder is here to hold your hand throughout the process in creating, building and maintaining a great customer relationship for your local business in Trinidad.