Let's give this some further thought.

We are in the middle of a global pandemic. I am sure you've noticed the trend. Everyone is online. People have some time indoors so guess what they pick up their devices - phones, tablets, computers and do almost everything online.

So you have no choice but to face reality that if your local business does not have an online presence you are missing out on great opportunities. Do you know that even a minimal presence without even a website gives your business huge benefits ?

Yes it does.

So right now you're asking yourself what are those benefits.

I'm going to share just one benefit with you now and be sure to look out for many more benefits in other articles.

Think about this. Your potential customers are so frequently online now. So they want a good hairdresser in Central, a handyman to fix a leaking garage in Arima because rainy season is here, any restaurants in South and we can go on. Honestly, where do you think they're going to look

first to find such services ?

ONLINE !!!!!

Hardly anyone takes the hassle of having to browse thru TSTT's yellow pages with such small print hard on the eyes. Or even call Directory Assistance 6411 and have to be waiting so long on the phone or worse yet the CSR answers and tells you that you have to know the proper name and address of the business before I can find the # for you.

The hard truth is your customers are online, and if you are not online too, then they will find someone else who is. I know you don't want that. So let me give you a great idea. There's still time left in 2020. Make it your strategy to have your online presence felt.

Even if you do not have a website, have no fear. Partner with Trinifinder and have your business advertised for free.

Now that is great news !!!!

Reach More People

So I know I left you on a high note about the need to be online and I encouraged you to partner with Trinifinder.

How about we talk another benefit to being online? Can you guess what it is?

Let me tell you. Drum roll!!

You are going to reach more people with your online presence. You

probably don't understand exactly how. Let's break it down.

Your business is going to get more traffic which simply means more people are going to find your business online and use your services or buy your products. Think about it. Your business has gone global just by being online. We live in a global village connected by the Internet.

Yes, global.

We start with Trinidad & Tobago, then expand your mind to regional and further to global. No one has to flip thru pages of the Guardian, or Express or Newsday looking for your business ad. Through the use of a single search on Google people will find your business. Do you also know the value and power of social media and advertising your business?

You don't have the headache of getting it done. Trinifinder is your partner and will do it for you for free.

Yes free.

There is nothing offline that can compete. You have the competitive advantage being online. The longtime traditional way of advertising is a thing of the past. People don't care to see TV ads. With smart TVs they fast forward thru those or look for snacks or drinks. Commercial breaks catches no one's attention.

Even flashy bill boards don't attract. Have you not noticed when you're driving along the Churchill Roosvelt Highway or Butler Highway that electronic billboards are more of a distraction ? And we don't want you getting in an accident. So stay focused on the road and reach more people by having your business online.

We live at the time where you have to go where people are. And by now you should know the answer to where people are. Yes, they are online. They hang out online and look for things that interest them. So you have to be in their space to get their attention. That's how you'll reach more people.

Online Presence Helps You Build a Stronget Brand

Let's get into some more serious stuff now with having your local Trini business online. By now I have convinced you that you should be online and that you should partner with Trinifinder.

Do you know that your brand differentiates you from other businesses? Let's think Trinidad for a moment and consider some of the brands you trust and are familiar with here locally.

If you're going to buy a furniture or appliances, you probably will easily think Standards or Courts.

If you're going to make groceries, you will naturally say Massy Stores or Xtra Foods.

Those are just two examples. But ask yourself what do they all have in common in Trinidad ? The answer is a strong brand presence.

Now let's think about your local business in Trinidad.

Are you a haiedresser, a nail technician, a plumber, a mechanic ? I am sure that you're aware that there are others practicing your trade or skill as well. So don't you want to stand out in Trinidad among the best with a strong brand?

Of course you do.

Therefore, you need to be online to have your local trade or business recognized. That way you are on the right pathway to building your brand.

Here are factors to consider :

- the way you present your business online. You don't want just any platform to be on to look like all the others.

- the principles you stand for. You want customers to trust you.

- the language you use. You must sound like you are confident of the products or services you offering.

All of that you can get accomplished in Trinidad with Trinifinder. And the end result is that you will stand out from the crowd, from all the other mechanics, hairdressers and nail technicians etc who only rely on word of mouth in Trinidad.

The online space is such an excellent platform for your small local business in Trinidad to grow and to strengthen your brand. Trinifinder will let customers rate your services and share their experiences. Customer is king so they will explore and learn everything about your local Trinidad business and brand.

So come on board now and let's partner together. You and Trinifinder!